There Are Two Moons

There Are Two Moons

By Marland Funk


There are two moons:
One in the sky, 
the other in the water.
The moon in the sky is befriended by
millions of twinkling stars,
whereas the moon in the water
has fireflies dancing around it.
Crickets chirp in the midst,
A fish jumps,
The wind whispers. 
The world sleeps.
The two moons and I still remain.
I do not know which
I am deceived by more – 
the true moon
or its rippling reflection.
I try to reach for them both
and in return grasp the dark nothingness.
Then I realize
I am not worthy to grasp the moon
and that I am deceiving myself.
So I go back alone into the cold.
And there are two moons.